Welcome to Dream Meaning. We have compiled an easy to access and understand dictionary to help you decipher your dreams.

Many times your dreams can only be deciphered in context. Just like any moving picture, many of the factors are involved, such as time, location, emotions, and the people or event that you have experienced in your dreams.

The purpose of this website is to provide you with easy to find contexts an situations to help you understand your dreams and what they might mean to you. The purpose of Dream-Meaning.Net is to provide quick and fast references for you to understand your dreams easily.

Some of the other dream definition resources are too complicated. The dream interpretations listed on Dream-Meaning.Net is a way for you to get quick answers about your dream.

General Dream Symbols

Life Event Dream Symbols

Animal Dream Symbols


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  1. I had a dream, I lost my bag with R3000.00 and could not think where I was meaning the last place I was, and my mother die 2007 but on my dream I was with her when I found my bag it was lying in the street with few things inside and few coins silver and bronze,my bag had gold buttons they were all not there it was just a bag without a chape.

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